Initially, Emily moved to an Inspire home for a month’s bridging placement following the breakdown of her sixth foster care family placement. Having been let down by so many important people in her life, Emily found it hard to form relationships and attachments. This, coupled with her learning disability and inability to communicate verbally, meant that she expressed herself through aggression and found it easier to cause harm or damage rather than address the issues.

After three weeks in placement, Emily had broken all the items she could and caused all the disruption possible for a 10-year-old girl, yet the resilience of the staff team and the ethos that we never give up on any child paid tribute – three days before her move Emily made it abundantly clear that her wish was to stay in placement.

Through the support of the Children’s Rights Service, a year on, Emily continues to have her moments but has forged a positive relationship with the other young person in residence. She has great school attendance and even participated in the local Olympics, taking the Gold medal for her demonstration on the trampoline!