Our Ethos

Inspire’s priorities are clear: that children and young people are kept safe; that their individual needs are met; and that they are healthy and enjoy their childhood.

We ensure that all of our children receive care and support that enables them to learn, grow and ultimately achieve their potential, whilst promoting and maintaining family-style living and giving them the best possible chances in life.

Integrity is the foundation of what we do.

Nurturing is the approach to our young people and staff, we are part of a family.

Soul is at the heart of what we do every day, our home, our children, our care.

Passion drives the commitment to achieve the very best for our children.

Intrigue results in our evolving practice, ideas and opinions.

Resilience demonstrates our commitment to our children, our staff and our colleagues.

Empower our children and staff to be the very best they can.

Individual Learning Journey

At Inspire we want to encourage all our children and young people to optimise the skills they have to move on successfully to adult placements.

We aim to develop their motor skills, knowledge, continuing experience and opportunities. This will also include enjoying an annual holiday, being inclusive and part of the community as well as fund raising for chosen charities.

Our care is a minimum of one-to-one, ensuring continuous support in the development of every young person. This is achieved through:

  • Ensuring that the emotional needs and wishes of every child are at the centre of our care planning
  • Providing an active approach to learning and living; children are supported and encouraged to participate in various social and leisure activities
  • Understanding and addressing individual needs in terms of age, gender, race, sexuality and disability, and meeting specific cultural and religious needs
  • Providing the opportunity for every young person to experience stability, a sense of belonging and the ability to explore and celebrate their own identity
  • Balancing the needs of the individuals and developing their social skills and independence for them to be positively involved in the local community
  • Ensuring no child is disadvantaged and where others see limitations we see opportunities.