Quality Assurance and Training

At Inspire, we go above and beyond the requirement for quality measuring, as well as the necessary checks. We have annual stakeholder feedback days, young person’s quality visits, parent’s and councillors audits and internal provider checks, where managers audit one another.

Being part of a wider group enables us to hold forums to share best practice whilst acknowledging specific skills within the business and drawing upon internal expertise.

We have a company quality assurance team that audits twice yearly, checking the standard of care and delivery, and ensuring that a corporate standard is maintained across the services.

Within the group we have a training division that offers accredited and specialist sessional courses.

  1. Regulation 44
    Inspire has monthly Independent audits undertaken by Independent Visitors from NYAS who visit the home monthly mainly unannounced but may be announced. These visits produce reports that identify the strengths and shortfalls of the home and also includes feedback obtained from social Workers, IRO’s and Parents. These reports  include comments from the Manager and Responsible Individual. These are sent to Ofsted and the Social Workers of the children and young people placed within Inspire. Parents can request these at any time.
  2. Regulation 45 Reviews
    The Registered Manager must monitor the performance of the home against its statement of purpose and the detailed areas as decried in schedule 6 of the Children’s Homes Regulations. The Registered Manager must use this information to identify any trends/patterns requiring action. The monitoring of the home must be completed on a monthly basis.
  3. Themed Visits and Responsible Individual Audits
    Formal audits are conducted within Inspire as part of our framework. Themed visits are undertaken every quarter and review various themes of the home including governance and oversight by the management team, outcomes for children and young people and safeguarding and training. Formal Responsible Individual audits are completed every six months which look at the service as a whole and how well the home is being managed, how effective the staff team are and the learning journey of the children.

The report must also include the views of the child/young people, parents/Local Authorities and staff. The report must be presented in an appropriate format and made available when requested by, the child/young people, any parent, the placing Authority, staff or The Inspectorate.