About Inspire

Inspire provide comfortable and welcoming residential care homes for children and young people with learning or physical disabilities, complex health needs, autism and challenging behaviours.

Our approach to planning and caring is as unique as the young people we work with. We have integrated the Government’s Every Child Matters framework into our care package to ensure we help children develop in every aspect of their lives, by:

  • Balancing the needs of the individual and developing their social skills and independence for them to be positively involved in the local community
  • Providing an active approach to learning and living; children are supported and encouraged to participate in various social and leisure activities
  • Supporting the development and improvement of daily living skills
  • Encouraging contact with family and others in accordance with our care plan
  • Taking the emotional needs and wishes of every child into account when planning their care
  • Understanding and addressing individual needs in terms of age, gender, race, sexuality and disability, and meeting specific cultural and religious needs
  • Providing the opportunity for every young person to experience stability, a sense of belonging and the ability to explore and celebrate their own identity

It is crucial that every child has the skills they need to move on positively into adulthood. At Inspire, we continually look forward in terms of their placement; focusing on what they can achieve and developing independent living skills to build a positive future.

Our Ethos

Quality Assurance & Training