Meet the team

Shelly Whiting

Service Director

As Inspire’s Service Director, Shelley Whiting is responsible for the overall operational running of the services within the Group. She is also the portfolio’s Responsible Individual.

Shelley began working in care in 1998 as a support worker and advanced herself to operations and then a Service Director having worked and developed her skills in EBD, LD, Fostering and Learning disabilities.

“I have a high standard and expectation of my managers and staff and most importantly of myself. The children’s experience is the paramount in the inspire portfolio however the wellbeing, nutrition, emotional and physical health is our primary focus.”


“I have worked with children and young people with learning disabilities for the last 25 years in a range of different settings, including outdoor activities, short break facilities and schools. I have been part of the CareTech Group since 2009.

I am a naturally caring person; I love managing a team and lead from the ground, being positive is key to my role. Being able to measure and acknowledge what some may see as the smallest achievement is the most rewarding aspect of my work I like to call it ‘small steps to a big future’. I enjoy the challenge of working with young people who do not necessarily know the appropriate ways of expressing feelings, wishes and desires.”


Our expectation of our managers within our homes is that they are inspirational, passionate and driven. We work closely with families and other professionals so that the children have a 360 support network learning and educational journey, and opportunities that enhance their life experiences.