We know you may have lots of questions, so below we have tried our best to answer any that you may have. If there are any questions, we haven’t answered, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team here.

How do I access your service for my Child?

To access one of our services we need to receive a referral, this normally comes via a Social Worker, an education team or a Health professional. We are more than happy to discuss this process with you – families or individuals can refer directly to us. Our Services are specifically for Children with Moderate to Severe Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and associated challenging behaviours our teams are specialist in this area, they will be happy to assist you in making a referral.

What happens when my Child reaches 18?

It is important to us to ensure that each Young Person has a positive transition to Adulthood, to do this we have structured transition plans in place taking the wishes and needs of the Young Person as the forefront of planning. We work with Registered Social Landlords and Adult Service providers we can ensure that there is choice and that any move is a positive one and in the Young Person’s Best Interest. Key workers will support Young People through this process.

Are you part of the CareTech Group?
Yes, we are part of CareTech Group. CareTech Group supports individuals with a very wide range of issues including those with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, sensory impairment, or mental health problems.